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[langtitle=en]Early return on extended visa, do I get back in?[/langtitle]

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  • [langtitle=en]Early return on extended visa, do I get back in?[/langtitle]




      I spent about 5 months in Brazil this year scattered across the year. Part of it in January/February, part of it in July/August/September. I extended my tourist visum unto November but I had to fly back a month earlier for family reasons. The consulate told me that I can only re-enter 6 months after the official end date of the extended visum. But a specialist told me that they might let me in for the "missed month".

      I'm just wondering what's what in this case.

      Any ideas?


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      AW: [langtitle=en]Early return on extended visa, do I get back in?[/langtitle]

      Oi Marc

      Trust in a specialist

      I had a similar case. One Colleague made the prolongation of his visa to early after 2 month of stay, got additional 3 Month and had to leave Brazil after 5 Month. He reclaimed friendly and the PF told him: no problem, travel to Paraguay stay on or two days out and come back for the rest of you 180 days, in his case around 28 days. Now my Colleague knows the Iguacu Falls and returned after 180 days back to Germany.
      The rule says: multiple stays in Brazil until 180 days per Year (but they count the year a little bit strange, from your first ever entry to Brazil)

      Have a nice stay

      PS: but be aware, in Brazil, nothing is impossible, but every thing can happen, no rule without exception
      Jedes Volk hat wohl doch die Regierung und die Politiker, die es verdient


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