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E-Commerce Coordinator - Maersk Brasil

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    E-Commerce Coordinator - Maersk Brasil



      Dieses Inserat habe ich auf der Homepage gesehen. Unter Vacancies dann einfach South America anwählen.

      Gruss Jundiaiense

      E-Commerce Coordinator - Maersk Brasil - São Paulo Moller/Maersk - Brazil
      Published 2004-06-25

      Maersk Sealand is the largest container shipping company in the world. Maersk Brazil employs more than 600 staff in 12 offices all along the coast. Maersk Sealand is also the leading international carrier on the E-commerce field and we offer sophisticated one-stop e-commerce shipping solutions on our homepage.

      We are looking for a professional to hold a position in our E-Commerce Department. The person will be responsible for developing, planning and technical support for MSL electronic transactions to our internal and external customers.


      -Support Internal and external customers regarding utilization, installation and setup of E-Commerce related systems;
      -Develop, improve and control internal systems used to control department tasks and transactions;
      -Promote electronic transactions by our internal and external customers;
      -Control and update data published in our local website as well as intranet site;
      -Train and keep staff updated regarding new tools and features available on E-Commerce related systems;


      -Good knowledge of PC applications;
      -Programming and Web design skills (VB, ASP. XML, JAVA, HTML, etc…);
      -Microsoft Exchange knowledge;
      -Database management systems (SQL, Microsoft Access, etc…);
      -Fluent written and spoken English;
      -Spanish (desirable);

      Ref nr. 4415

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