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[langtitle=en]Internship in Brazil[/langtitle]

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  • [langtitle=en]Internship in Brazil[/langtitle]



      [lang=en]Dear People,

      My name is Tom Pelgrum, 22 years old and studying International Business & Management at the Arnhem Business School. As of August/September 2012 I'll have to do an internship abroad and my preference goes out to Brazil.

      My education involves the following aspects:
      • Economics
      • Finance
      • Marketing
      • Management

      All of these aspects are focused on international trade and business and are taught in English.

      • Dutch (Native language)
      • English (Fluent)
      • Spanish (Intermediate)
      • German (Intermediate)

      I'm currently doing a quick course in Portuguese and I'm willing to continue improving my Portuguese in Brazil itself.

      I started working at age 14 and really know what it's like to work hard and effectively.

      I really hope someone can help me finding an internship in Brazil!

      If you need more information regarding my education, work or personal history, please feel free to ask.

      Thank you in advance,

      Kind regards,

      Tom Pelgrum[/lang]

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      Re: [langtitle=en]Internship in Brazil[/langtitle]

      That´s very interesting, thanks for sharing !

      But what´s your question/doubt ?


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        AW: [langtitle=en]Internship in Brazil[/langtitle]

        Haha, your welcome.

        I was wondering if there's anybody who could help me or knows someone that could help me find an internship in brazil or needs an intern in his/her company in brazil.


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