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Technical Assistant for São Paulo City

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  • Technical Assistant for São Paulo City



      Technical Assistant for São Paulo City

      Ihre Aufgaben
      - Visit customers in responsability area, focusing to determine the customers needs
      - Promote and sell Klüber products to several industrial segments (general)
      - Elaborate technical-commercial proposals with added value to customers
      - Plan and implement action plans, focusing to fulfill the predefined sales objectives
      - Prices negotiation
      - Administer technical training and workshops
      - Participation in trade-fair
      - Issue reports: visits, expenses, competitors, market tendences, and accompaniment tests results, others

      Ihr Profil
      - Complete Graduation in Engineering, preferably Mechanical, Chemical or Metalurgical
      - Live in São Paulo or around 30km
      - Age: preferably between 25 / 35 years
      - Least experience of 2 years in industrial technical sales of any market segment (there is no need to have previous experience in derivative of oils and lubrications industry)
      - MSOffice (Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point)
      - Indispensable basic english
      - Enterpreuner spirit, proactive
      - Excellent oral and written capacity
      - Good capacity to work under pressure
      - Dinamic, with wide-rainging vision and business strategy
      - Strong negotiation skills and interpersonal relation
      - Independent, with excellent capacity of planing and work systematics. Work: Home-Office.
      - Availability to travel
      - Native language: Portuguese

      Über Ihre Bewerbung freuen wir uns.

      Rua São Paulo, 345 - Distrito Industrial de Alphaville - Barueri - SP -Brazil - CEP: 06465-902

      Mr. Walter Manns ( +55 11 4166 9002 / 9003


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