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HEXAL AG has specialised in the development, production and marketing of modern generic medications and innovative pharmaceutical preparations.
Our Brazilian subsidiary HEXAL do Brasil LTDA was established in 1999. The product portfolio comprises more than 100 medications with over 60 active ingredients for generic proprietary products as well as 43 dosage forms with 26 active ingredients for generics.

To meet the increasing demand in manufacturing capacities a new high technology plant in the region of Paraná will become operative in 2004, which will offer about 500 jobs on an area of 300.000 m2.

For the start-up of our new production plant in Cambé, Brazil,

Production Manager for HEXAL do Brasil

Management of a solid production, i.e. tablets, filmcoated tablets, capsules and blister packaging with approx. 70 employees
Management of production fine planning
Product transfer from the former facility to a brand new facility
Product transfer from Germany to Brazil
Establishing manufacturing processes in the new facility from scale-up batches

long-term experience as production manager
experience in managing a broad number of different products
basic practical experience with e.g. Glatt equipment and tablet presses
Enthusiasm to participate in the start-up of a new organisation
High communication skills, i.e. also the will to learn the Portuguese language
very good English skills

Industriestr. 25
83607 Holzkirchen
Tel.: 089-613670-26