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Bester Strand Brasiliens gewählt : Porto de Galinhas

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  • Noronha
    Schönste Sträne

    Die offizielle Version (siehe auch :: Fernando de Noronha) also aus Regierungskreisen ist:
    Platz 1: Praia dos Sanchos / Fernando de Noronha
    Platz 2: Baia dos Porcos / Fernando de Noronha
    Platz 3: Praia de Leao / Fernando de Noronha.
    Dies bestätigt auch der "Guia Quatro Rodas" eine Art ADAC-Reiseführer und ich.
    Näheres zu diesen Stränden und dem Archipel unter meiner Website:
    Fernando de
    Gruß aus Fernando de Noronha von Noronha.

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  • gringo

    habe gerade einen Gast aus der USA und der kam aus Porto de Galinhas.
    Er wollte eigentlich nur bei uns übernachten, aber als er tauchen ging und den Strand sah verlängerte er.

    jeder hat doch einen anderen Traumstrand, meiner ist z.B. Sandy Beach in Honolulu, da ging die Post ab mit den Wellen.

    Gebt mal eure Traumstrände durch ...

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  • brasilmen
    Brazil´s Top 10 Beaches, noch ein Wahlergebnis....

    Brazil´s Top Ten Beaches - 2007

    One of the first images that comes to the mind of a foreign tourist going to Brazil is a coconut tree line on a white sand beaches, with beautiful girls on sensual bikinis .

    This is comprehensible as the beach is one of the national passions. Wherever you go, from the crowds of Copacabana, to the quieter beaches along the banks of the Amazon, you’ll see Brazilians on the beach resting and playing.

    With over 8000km of coastline, the country offers an incredible number of great options for tourists looking for beach, sun and a relaxing time.

    On this list, we have selected 10 of our favorite and most beautiful beaches along Brazilian coast.

    Sancho Beach - Fernando de Noronha
    Located on the major island of the archipelago, it is considered the Brazilian most beautiful beach by many specialized magazines. With calm and crystal green waters, coral reef formations and rich sub-aquatic life, Sancho is a perfect place for snorkeling and diving.
    Carneiros Beach - Pernambuco
    Located 40km south of Porto de Galinhas, in mouth of a calm river, Carneiros is a beach of dreams, which curves along a pretty bay lined with coconut palms and cashew trees, sheltered by a big coral reef and mangroves.

    Porcos Bay - Fernando de Noronha
    The enormous coral reef located in the middle of this small bay, creates natural pools with incredibly clear and green water, home of many colored fish. The scenario is completed by the marvelous rocks of Dois Irmãos.
    Taipus de Fora - Peninsula de Maraú
    Your dream of swimming in a blue water natural aquarium, full of colored fishes and wonderful coral formations comes true at this beach. Along 7km you will see coconut palms, white sand, and a big coral reef. The scenario is completed with the spectacular Cassage Lagoon.
    Alter do Chão - Santarém - Amazon
    A magnificent river beach in the middle of the Brazilian Amazon. It is a long peninsula at the entrance to a picturesque lagoon, across the green waters of Tapajós River. With it white-sand beaches, relaxed atmosphere, it’s a good place to chill out.

    Dolphins Bay - Praia da Pipa - RN
    After 20 minutes walking from Pipa village, you find this small beach of calm, warm and blue waters, framed by impressive 40 meters high red sand cliffs, where every morning dozens of dolphins come to feed and play.
    Jericoacoara - Ceara
    Elected by the Washington Post one of the worlds top 10 beaches, Jeri is a small fisherman village, with charming and romantic atmosphere. Surrounded by huge dunes and deep blue lagoons, it offers calm sea and constant wind, what makes it a paradise for windsurfers.
    Lopes Mendez - Ilha Grande - RJ
    The magnificent nature of Ilha Grande, with its 365 islands, impresses by its green water and dense forest that surrounds the bay. The Lopez Mendes is located at the oceanic coast of Ilha Grande and still preserves the peace and nature seen by the indians in the past.
    São Miguel do Gostoso - RN
    The peaceful and pleasant (gostoso) atmosphere of this beach near Natal, is compounded by calm and warm sea, a giant belt of coconut trees, dunes and a constant breeze. And the best, the sun shines more than 300 days in a year.
    Espelho Beach - Bahia
    This beach still presents the same beauty, observed by the Portuguese discoverers 500 years ago. Its exuberant nature joins varied elements, such as rain forest, sand banks, blue sea, coral reefs and cliffs in white and reddish shades.
    If you think your favorite beach in Brazil should be included in this list, please do not hesitate to write us.

    You also will find more information about trips and destination on our website Ecotourism in Brazil - Travel packages to Brazil - Ecotours & Expeditions to the rainforest - Ecotourism in Brazil – Brazil Tour Operator – Trip to Brazil

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  • KlausG
    Bester Strand Brasiliens ?

    Hmm, wieviel haben die denn dafür bezahlt ?

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  • brasilmen
    hat ein Thema erstellt Bester Strand Brasiliens gewählt : Porto de Galinhas.

    Bester Strand Brasiliens gewählt : Porto de Galinhas

    Von der Reisezeitschrift Viagem&Turismo, hier die Liste:

    Pela sétima vez consecutiva, Porto de Galinhas reina absoluta como a melhor opção de praia na eleição do prêmio VT da Revista Viagem & Turismo. Jericoacoara (CE), Praia da Pipa (RN), Bombinhas (SC), Copacabana (RJ), Balneário Camboriú (SC), Baía do Sancho (PE), Praia do Forte (BA), Ipanema (RJ) e Canoa Quebrada (CE) completam a lista de premiadas.

    Artikel dazu unter:
    Folha de Pernambuco

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